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Wireless & Wired Lighting

Simplify your lifestyle with whole-house control of lights, fireplaces, fans and more. Spectre Audio offers Lighting Control Systems that do it all and are energy efficient!


Easily create the proper ambiance for any activity—cooking, dining, cleanup, reading, movie watching, entertaining - the list goes on and on. From the comfort of your bed, simply touch the GOODNIGHT button to turn off the main lights, dim the landscape, and set nightlights.

Rest assured that you’ll never come home to a dark house again. Turn on lights from your car or have them come on automatically at sunset. With a single touch, mimic daily routines of lights, shades and more to give your home an occupied look when you’re away

The Wireless Lighting Control System we offer provides everything you've come to expect from our technology – energy savings, reliability, stylish design, and simple yet powerful programming.