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Custom Home Theatre / Media Room / Games Room

Home Theatre

Our Home Theatre designs let you experience what the movie’s director intended. We compare that concept with your room layout. Your space may be a dedicated media room or a multipurpose room where your Theater needs to disappear when not in use. We represent manufacturers of the finest Home Theatre products available. We have carefully considered each product’s performance, ease of use, reliability and overall value for money. We not only supply the audio and video equipment, we can provide custom cabinetry, automated draperies, lighting control, theater seating, theater theme art and even the traditional popcorn maker. It’s not the amount of money you spend; it’s only the desire to experience the art of home cinema, as it can be - enrapturing, involving, and absolutely entertaining!

Media & Game Rooms Integrated

If those hours spent hunched over a monitor at your computer desk playing games seems an awfully lot like being at work, maybe it's time for a new pose with a Spectre Audio Game Room, you can sprawl on the couch like a pro.

Why It's Cool

Large Format Gaming(TM) is the convergence of Home Theatre and computer games. Many new computer games for Windows and Macintosh have stunning graphics and multi-channel surround sound. In fact, the sound and pictures are so good, you can't really appreciate them with tiny speakers and a small screen. Once you've experienced the total immersion of Large Format Gaming, you'll never bother playing anything on a 17' monitor again.

Large format Gaming is a wonderful way to make your Home Theatre investment do double duty. It's not just for watching movies - it can come alive with interactivity! A great way to keep the kids hanging out at home and you can join in on the fun!

With your computer linked to your Home Theatre system, you can watch TV, browse the net, and even check your e-mail - without leaving your favourite chair!