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Distributed Audio & Video

Spectre Audio offers digital distributed audio systems that deliver striking visual style, unparalleled control and crystal clear, reference-quality sound to every room in the house.

State of the Art - Control4

Control4 is a revolutionary IP-based digital distributed audio and control system that delivers striking visual style, unparalleled control and crystal clear, reference-quality sound to every room in the house.

To create a total product line that could meet and even surpass the definition of Intelligent Integration. Versatile, adaptable, scalable, with easy installation and troubleshooting to save integrators time and overhead costs. Revolutionary enough to set tomorrow’s standards, but priced to compete with yesterday’s technology.


Today’s homeowners have become increasingly technology-savvy, and have higher expectations for distributed audio systems. Customers also expect a control interface that is simple to operate, scalable, flexible, highly reliable, and yet elegant enough to compliment any interior design. To meet and exceed these expectations, Control4 offers streaming music services with an intuitive, user-friendly and elegantly designed touchscreen interface.

The Control4 System operates using a distributed-processing architecture: all data and audio processing is done within each individual component, with no central 'brain box'. This type of design has some distinct advantages:

Having a centralized equipment point can alleviate any of the potential aesthetic issues that might come with some pieces of equipment. SA has engineered solutions that will allow independent video feeds to be shown throughout your residence. Video distribution over the years was only achieved through cumbersome and redundant pulls of video wires. Using balanced video technology we are able to deliver superior high definition picture through a series of technological innovations. Never again will you find yourself with a giant rack of equipment in your living room, a cable box in every room, or having to get up and load your favorite DVD. With SA’s video distribution technology you will have the flexibility to select any video source from anywhere in your house. These solutions are also perfect for your business too.