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With Control4 you can use a variety of user interfaces such as an iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad / Android you can have full, easy control of any of your systems within the home or away. The Rhapsody music system is a nice way to have the music you want when you want it - on demand. Very addictive!

EliteHTS and Fortress Seating's home theatre chairs now on display. A full Control4 system is on display.

Our main theatre features a 12 1/2' wide CinemaScope (2.35:1/2.37:1) Acoustically transparent curved screen with Paradigm Elite speakers all around in a Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 configuration. The speakers are fed by an Anthem MRX1120 with ARC. Our Stealth / Goo demo room is up and running! Come see how a completely invisible home theatre comes to life. Both of our demo rooms are well worth seeing for ideas on how to set up a theatre that looks / sounds / feels great without compromising on multi-purpose use.

We offer full ISF video calibration along with audio calibration and room tuning. We use the ColorFacts Professional System with an EyeOne Pro and an Accupel HDG4000.

Ever wonder why your friend's system sounds so much better than yours?

A proper properly designed, installed and calibrated system can easily outperform a system with much more expensive components. Professional balancing and calibration can make a huge difference in bringing a surround system to life.

Come and see a system where the sum is greater than the parts - our "bang for the buck" value.

Invisible Home Theatre

Virtually invisible home theatre systems are the ultimate for multipurpose rooms. Imagine a system where there are no visible wires or components until the system is turned on. With a single button push (or even just sitting down on your favourite couch), you can start up a movie or watch television. Who likes fumbling with multiple remotes, wondering why you have a picture but no sound? Some "universal" remotes help but force you to press HELP all the time to get things back in sync. Although it sounds expensive, it can be quite reasonable.

Hate wires? Dreading making holes and re-painting?

We specialize in retrofit applications. Wires can be run through walls and ceiling for a super clean installation. We can do this without making any additional holes even if your room is already finished.

Home Theatre Tune-up:

We offer setup and/or performance tuning even if you already have your equipment. Our rates are quite reasonable and you can rest assured that the job will be done right.

We can take your system to the next level by adding the required components and configuring your whole system for optimum audio and video performance.

We service the entire Greater Toronto Area and can come give you a free estimate on designing and installing your home theatre based on your needs and budget.


We are currently looking for installers and technicians. We are also looking for an experienced sales person.