Please note that most of the products we carry cannot be advertised on the Internet and thus are not shown on our web page.  Please call for more information.


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Projector trade-ins - now accepted.  We can give you a significant discount off our regular price if you trade in your existing projector.


Pre-owned Projectors - now available.  Since customers will be trading in their projectors, we will be offering these up for sale at very reasonable prices, including a short warranty even if the original warranty has expired.


Projector and screen rentals - now available.  Need a projector for a presentation or a big game?  We have XGA presentation projectors as well as 16:9 home theatre projectors available for rent.  If you purchase your rental equipment, you can have your rental cost deducted from the purchase price.


Home Theatre rentals - now available.  Really want to have a party?  We can supply everything you need including the projector, screen, speakers, electronics and even a DVD player.  Delivered and professionally setup.  We make it easy for you with a fully programmed intuitive remote - Just hit one button to start your movie.  If you purchase your rental equipment, you can have your rental cost deducted from the purchase price.


Octava HDMI switchers with Clear Eye   Octava's next-generation HDMI switchers offer a way to keep your existing receiver and still switch the latest HDMI devices including HDMI 1.2 or 1.3 with HDCP with resolutions up to 720P and 1080i/p.  All of Octava's products are backwards compatible with DVI - with the appropriate cable.  We can provide you with HDMI/DVI adaptors and cables if required.  We offer a full range of very cost effective HDMI cables.  6', 15', 25', 35' and 50' cables available for hundreds (or even thousands) less than the brand-name alternatives.  We've tested them - they work just as well as their brand-name equivalents.


OCTAVA ORDERING INFORMATION:  Please note that all Canadian orders must be placed through Spectre Audio.  All Octava products are now priced at the US price + the current exchange rate.  Cables (not in a bundle) are subject to an additional 10% import duty. 

Orders may be placed by sending us an email  with the item, options, your shipping address and the phone number at the shipping address.  We will send you an invoice and a PayPal request.  Once we receive confirmation, the order is normally shipped the following day.  All Canadian orders are shipped from Toronto.  Shipping is a flat rate of $18 to anywhere in Canada via FEDEX Ground or Canada Post if FEDEX service is not available in your area (also for P.O. Boxes).  (note: shipping is reduced to $10 within the GTA) Online ordering is not yet up and running but we do accept PayPal for payment.  

All items and bundles on the Octava website are available from Spectre Audio - simply multiply their price by the current exchange rate to get the price in Canadian dollars - Cables that are not part of a bundle are subject to an additional 10% import duty.

DEALERS ONLY:  Spectre Audio is the Canadian Distributor for Octava products.  We are currently looking for dealers across Canada to serve our many customer requests for local dealers.  All customer requests for purchase are sent to the closest local dealer.  Please contact us for details on our dealer startup package.



Achieve unprecedented visceral impact and immersion with Crowson Tactile Motion. Transform your chair into an active home theatre component that delivers sound energy, motion and vibration directly to your body.


The TES-100 moves you in sync with what's on screen rather than just shaking you.  Come see what everyone's been talking about.  Visit us for a no-obligation demo - the experience is worth a thousand pictures.


DEALERS ONLY:  Spectre Audio is the Canadian Distributor for Crowson Technology.  We are currently looking for dealers across Canada to serve our many customer requests for local dealers.  All customer requests for purchase are sent to the closest local dealer.  Please contact us for details on our dealer startup package.



The Spyder video calibration systems allows the end user to calibrate the greyscale on your TV or front projector.  Spectre Audio also provides calibration services if you'd rather let a professional do the work.



Algolith Digital Mosquito - Mosquito video noise and macro-blocking reduction.  What this device can do to clean up SD and HD material off of cable and satellite is incredible.  Come see a demo or we can bring the demo to your place so that you can see it on your screen with your sources.  The Digital Mosquito has four HDMI inputs in addition to its two component video inputs.


Algolith Dragonfly with HQV - Quite simply the best de-interlacer/scaler available.  Imagine HD-quality video from SD sources.  Combine it with the Digital Mosquito for a truly unbeatable combination.  Come and see the finest video processor/scaler on the market in our Toronto showroom.  Alternatively, we can bring the Dragonfly and/or Mosquito to your place so that you can see them with your sources and your display.

Algolith Flea - You know you need the Mosquito but can't afford it right now.  The Flea is a great way to clean up your SD and HD material at a surprisingly reasonable price.  Make cable and satellite watchable again.


Goo Systems Screen Paint is ideal if you want the ultimate in performance without the high price.  Use the Digital Grey with most current high output home theatre projectors for incredible black levels and enhanced contrast without any downside.  Paint your entire wall for a screen that "disappears" when it's not in use.  (Read - high SAF :) )  Come experience the depth of image that only Goo can offer. 

Now on display!  Our second demo room (Goo/Stealth) in Toronto (Scarborough) is finally up and running.  The demo room has a full Goo screen painted over Stealth Acoustics invisible speakers so that the voices come from the actors' mouths!

Goo Screen Kits are in stock - everything you need to make your screen up to 130" 16:9 diagonal is in the box.  Includes 1000mL basecoat and topcoat, 4L paint tray, roller handle, 2 roller refills, Ultra Black Border Paint and applicator.


Stealth Acoustics Invisible speakers are the next progression of in-wall speakers.  Once installed, you can actually paint over them for a completely invisible speaker system.  Combine this with Goo Systems Screen paint for a unique "talking screen". 

On display!  Come and see a truly invisible home theatre in action.  With the theatre off, you can walk into the room and see only walls.  No wires or electronics are in sight.  Once you turn the system on you experience top notch big-screen movie viewing that looks and sounds phenomenal.  Our system features three Stealth speakers across the front and three Stealth speakers for the surrounds as well as two Stealth subwoofers.



Furman power conditioning - Series Mode Surge Protection with Linear Filtering and no ground contamination.  The AC-215 is a perfect match for flat panels and projectors.  Although Furman has been well known in the pro audio market, their home theatre components are setting a new standard for price vs. performance.


SurgeX power conditioning - Advanced Series Mode Surge Protection with ZERO Let-through Voltage and no ground contamination.  Even their bottom of the line product will prevent high-frequency transients from shortening the life of your expensive projector bulb.  Although the GTA has reasonably decent power, the power in the suburbs can be quite dirty and susceptible to surges.



Home Theatre Projectors





WireTracks wiring channels - removable baseboard wiring channel so that you can change your wiring when new standards/cables are required, removable crown moulding - original, NC (new construction) and CM (crown moulding) all in stock.  WireTracks Original is $23.99 for 8' lengths.  WireTracks NC is $27.99 for 8' lengths.  The WireTracks CM kit comes with enough clips to do a 12'x12' room and is available for $69.99  WireTracks CM now on clearance - quantity discounts available - make us an offer.




KEF Ci50 SOUNDLIGHT SYSTEM - 4 Speakers and two subwoofer ports the size of MR16 potlights.  (2" diameter) This system provides a virtually invisble sound system that sounds great.  Well balanced sounds without large in-ceiling speakers.  New in sealed box. Comes with white and chrome bezels.  Easy to install - perfect for suspended ceilings.  MSRP $999, clearance priced at $349+tax - only one box available - factory sealed



Please note:  We are an authorized dealer for every product that we sell and install.  All of our products are purchased through authorized distribution channels in Canada and have valid Canadian warranties.