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Audio / Video Intercom

Spectre Audio’s Audio and Video intercom solutions provide for the ultimate integration of whole-house AV, video security and voice communications. While listening to your favorite music or watching a DVD in the home theater, you'll know the instant someone rings the doorbell or enters the driveway as the audio is gently muted, the camera picture appears on the touchpanel or television, and you're able to speak with the visitor and grant access to your home at the simplest press of a button.

Home Security

It’s never been easier to come home to a safe and secure home. The same touchscreens used to control lighting, audio, cameras and climate systems, can also serve as virtual security system keypads - providing the convenience of managing the system from any room, but without another keypad on the wall.

Securing The Perimeter

Simply press SECURITY from the home screen and a virtual security keypad appears to arm or disarm one or multiple partitions. For instance, homeowners can separately arm the main house and guest house with just one security system or quickly notify emergency response teams if necessary using easily identified panic buttons.


Instant, intuitive control of your home’s CCTV cameras is made possible with the same touchscreen you use for controlling audio, lighting, climate and security systems. Spectre Audio offers CCTV control solutions that give system users the ability to view video images from cameras on both local and remote networks. Simply press CAMERAS on your Color Touchscreen! The touchscreen allows you to monitor your security cameras. If the camera offers the capability, use the arrows to pan/tilt/zoom for different perspectives. It’s that easy.


Our individual uniqueness has given light to biometrics. By utilizing current technologies in conjunction with personal defining characteristics such as facial features, fingerprints, handprints, DNA, and voice recognition we can provide a “human” means of authentication. Biometrics has become more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. With integration into new personal electronics, ATM machines, and locking devices it is clear that these most basic forms of human identification are the future of accessibility. Continuing advancement to various biometric solutions has enabled them to become more attainable to consumers and businesses alike.